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Remote DBA Solutions

We provide remote DBA services which are the most effective, affordable solution in today’s database management challenges.

We have team of Remote DBA experts who fulfils all the Database Administration needs that required by any organization for their business needs. We take the complete responsibility of the database functionality, security, performance, scalability and high availability.

Database is the most critical part which would be the major concern for most of the organizations because of changing workloads and increasing business needs. We work with organizations by taking complete ownership and responsibility from database end providing peace of mind to the customers so that they can concentrate on their business growth.

How Remote DBA – A Better Way:

Shreeyansh offers wide variety of Remote DBA expert Services across RDBMS with great expertise in PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres Advanced Server, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL and more..

Basic Plan

8Hrs IST (Mon-Fri)

Medium Plan

12Hrs IST (Mon-Fri)

Premium Plan

24Hrs IST (Mon-Sun)

PostgreSQL Vs MySQL(O) vs MariaDB Services List

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And start your worry free Database Services journey.